Your Universal Digest (1/5/2016)

Sitting in the Amsterdam airport, body relatively broken, spirits pretty high. Will write some now, and (maybe) add some later*.


It’s Tuesday! The Tuesday after Christmas break. There’s no getting around it, it sucks. It’s 15 degrees in New York, and it feels like 7. So that sucks. But it doesn’t suck as much as LOSING YOUR FUCKING COTTON CANDY like this poor bastard here.

oG0XjQ3 - Imgur


I know, heartbreaking way to start your day. And then there’s this cat here, this lax bro right myeh, who is having a WAY worse day than you are.

da4S4Jn - Imgur
POW right in the kisser


See? So stop complaining about being cold.  But if that doesn’t make you feel better, this might:

GrkueYZ - Imgur
just horsin’ around. heh. 


Movie trailer of they day. It’s Deadpool Trailer 2 because you cannot possibly get enough trailer of this movie. It looks too good.


Song of the day comes from Sufjan Stevens new album. If you haven’t heard it, go listen. It’s special.





I’ve gotta go, but I couldn’t not share this. One more guy who’s having a worse day (life) than you. Have a good one, folks. And remember to stay conscious.





*Probably not.


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