Your Universal Digest (10/2/15)

Oh, snap! Don’t call it a comeback. Sorry to leave for the week, I had to do a whole lot of moving (and drinking) and working. Anyway – I’m in my new apartment! It’s great. Big up @rachelcrowe for doing all the work in finding it for us. Come see it! Or I’ll post pictures here. I dunno. Anyway, it’s a bonus day today because we’ve been gone for so long. Happy Friday!


  • English song/chant of the day (overheard at a Fulham game)


well, shit. ain’t that the truth.

  • In case you were wondering, this man is STILL running for President of the US

IbpwztR - Imgur

  • In better news, John Oliver does not give a shit about Donald Trump
  • Speaking of wrasssling, I hope I am half as cool as this dad one day. Shit, I hope I’m half as cool as this small child one day. Big up @JBruser
  • A kid in Portland shot 9 people on a College campus because he’s a fuckin’ twat. No, I won’t link to it. Here’s something really wonderful instead.
802gJO2 - Imgur
if you aren’t smiling it’s because you are empty inside
  • TWO very cool things today. The first is this picture made my merging different panorama shots at the beach
you took a picture of your sandy legs and waited for the likes to roll in.
  • The second is this. Two people, essentially blindfolded by goggles, throwing and catching a stick. How? VIRTUAL REALITY and also magic. Screens up top are what they see.

c6v7d0Z - Imgur

  • your song of the day. fuck the fuck yes.

and your bonus from Frankie S himself (at some point. then some asshat remixed it. and it’s glorious)

  • this one is for DraftKings guru @ZackJenis. Best of luck in the city of sin.

l6T1ijS - Imgur

  • Some NewsCred friends in town this week. Big up @NeilBarlow @ChaseNein


  • Uhhhh…. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

RdNhhTT - Imgur

  • Your trailer of the day. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a trailer for Leo’s next “everyone thinks it should’ve been an Oscar winner” non-performance.
  • All set here. Check back later for updates. And with that, your XKCD of the day.
pro-tipt: there won’t be any updates

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